Reservations Policy

* all reservations are first come first serve

* reservations can be modified simply by calling 866.707.5263 with 1 hour advanced notice from departure time

* late reservations are subject to rescheduling by a first come first serve basis

* walk in reservations are welcome

* walk in reservations are all subject to availability

* all reservations online or over the phone must be made with a valid form or payment in advance

* Hollywoodland Tours does NOT accept reservations without a form of payment

Cancellations Policy


* any reservation cancellation is subject to full refund with a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice

* last minute cancellations are not subject to any refunds

* cancellations due to weather delays, or traffic delays are not subject to refund but rather rescheduling

* late arrivals are not qualified for any type of refunds but rather rescheduling

We offer discounted & free all day secured, covered parking directly across the street from our location. Ask any of our staff members.

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